1009_birdsagainstpurple - small

Artwork #1009, Birds against purple, crochet on canvas.

I love waking up to this particular artwork!

My paintings will be named with four digit prime numbers hereafter. They may have a worldly name too.

Talking of numbers, isn’t it amazing to find constants like pi and e strewn in the universe? In circles and their friends, in growth patterns, derivatives, meandering rivers, splashes in ponds…

Is nature mostly irrational or have we quantised our numbers wrong?! It’s the universe’s way of saying irrational is beautiful, methinks.



This canvas is an ode to two things dear to me, chalkboard lettering and an old T-shirt. 

My partner and I are of contrasting personalities, when we were first married he was taken aback by my craziness and I couldn’t wrap my head around how someone could be so prim and proper. It was only befitting that the first tee he bought me had the lines “I am born wild, don’t try to tame me, I’ll bite you”. I did take that as a compliment!

The lion is a quick crochet replica of the popular lion on Fisher Price toys, a motif my little one loves a lot.


I just coined the word! It’s love of lighthouses, which is my current mood. I am a little biased towards lighthouses that are red and white.
I’ve seen a few, like the beautiful ones in Galle and Beachy head, but there are so many more on my wish-list.
Now if only someone would send me to stay in the lighthouse which is on AirBnB..

There’s nothing as charming as a blunt pencil against well textured paper. But I still prefer my colours over it. I fondly remember the time when we were allowed to graduate from crayons to paints in school. It was very cool that red was now “crimson lake” and orange was vermillion. The adjectives for colour are very creative and instantaneously paint a picture in the head – like ultramarine blue and ivory white. I have a weakness for burnt umber and burnt sienna, and sometimes have to hide them before I begin work so that I don’t overdose on them.